Why Can’t the Threats of the 2012 Doom’s Day Just Stop?

In a month’s time the “ber” months will start, and in no less than four months, it’s December. This thought might have been very scary some years ago, especially during the time when the December 21 Doom’s day was conjured. It is pretty well expected for such threats to simply die down in the course of time, but not so with this one. Until now, some people are still confused if it is indeed but a hoax or a reality that we all have deal with.

Some people blame it to blog sites and other websites that continue to publish posts pertaining to the doom’s day. They say that the doom’s day is only made up by the people behind these blogs and sites just to forward their own selfish goals – huge traffic, more advertisements and of course, more income.

Some say that it is really because of the people themselves. We chose to believe something which is supposedly very hard to fathom. And yet, despite being too difficult to grasp, we chose to believe it and then feared it. It is as if we have just made our own ghosts to scare us.

These contentions might be true. It can be argued well that this fear never ceased to exist because some people just don’t want to give it a rest. When the issues die down, they would start a fire again and throw in more woods just to keep the fire alive.

Well, given that all these things have already been happening and that it is quite difficult to distinguish how or when this theory ever started, we better channel the interest that this doom’s day is getting into something more worthwhile.

For example, having people to think that they are to dies in a few months will make them re-assess their behaviour over the past few years. They are more likely to correct themselves in the hope that when the doom’s day comes, they will be “saved”.

Some might even react very positively; like say for example, a father who used to not have enough time to play with his kids will suddenly realize that time is so important and it should be spent on trying to get rich with money but in trying to get rich in love. Those who used to say they don’t have time to spend with their love ones will change priorities.

However, there will be some who will react differently. For example, it was a celebrated news some years ago when all members of a certain cult that believes in the 2012 Doom’s day sold all their properties to support their “mission” of telling the everyone that the world will end in 2012. Well, it turned out sour for them; years later, they found themselves with pockets empty and worse, no house or family to go home too.

Now, whatever you opinion about the 2012 doom’s day is, it hope that you have already found meaning as to why it became a phenomenon in the first place. Ask yourself what the news has done in your life and evaluate if those changes that you have experienced would have been possible have you not been threatened that you will die in a few month’s-time. Be the judge yourself.

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