Where to Be On December 21 2012

The question of how to survive December 21 2012 should not begin with the things that you must take as you try to ride out the effects, but rather knowing where you must be when the fateful day comes.

There is no doubt that food, clothing, shelter, and heating are some of the primary considerations you must keep in mind.  However, you must also take considerable thought where should all emergency supplies will be stored, or more relevantly, where should you be on December 21 2012. Likewise, there is no doubt that finding a relatively safe place on December 21 2012 is of the utmost importance.

The reason is that it will give you have a better chance of survival compared to those who are obviously in high risk areas like near huge bodies of water for example.  Although there are many who are not convinced that the December 21 2012 event is something that should be taken seriously, preparation is still your best insurance against any eventualities.

The United States and December 21 2012

If you are in the United States, one of the safest places to be would probably be Alaska.  The reason is that during the climate shift, it would actually become warmer and with a very limited population, mass hysteria is out of the question and so is starvation.  Even if the Alaskan pipeline would burst and drain, it is not expected to cause serious harm to the state.

Another potentially safe place would possibly be the highlands of Arizona.  During the expected pole shift on December 21 2012 the highlands are perceived to be relatively safe along with Colorado despite the possibility of experiencing considerable flooding.  Kansas may also be a safe haven, but due to the potentials of surrounding states rushing in their citizens to the area, it can become extremely overpopulated.

It is expected that after the polar shift occurs, Minnesota along with other states near the Canadian border will be able to easily resume their business.  This means that they are relatively safe refuge for people near the area. In the eastern portion of the United States, the Appalachian Mountains are also considered as a safe place to be on December 21 2012.  Although there are expected climate changes, the effects are seen as an improvement of current weather conditions.

The African Continent on December 21 2012

With its diverse range of regions from east to west and north to south, the African continent is said to be one of the safest places on earth on December 21 2012 primarily because it is expected to remain intact.  This is quite puzzling considering that it is one of the most problematic places on earth.

Known for its famine (due to decreased food supply), civil wars, countries with poor economy, and genocides it is quite surprising to imagine that it may be the last bastion for humanity. What adds to the twist of fate that will happen on December 21 2012 is that Africa is also known as the breeding ground for many diseases that have plagued humanity like cholera, Ebola, polio, jaundice, malaria, yellow fever, and of course HIV/AIDS.

With everything getting so mixed up, who knows how all of these diseases would mutate by December 21 2012?  However, if we do consider Africa as the safest place on earth by that time, you should be aware that getting vaccines as well as passport can consume about six months or more.

One of the main arguments why Africa is being considered as the safest place on earth by December 21 2012 is that it is believed that the polar shift will result in massive tsunamis with unpredictable duration.  This means that coastal areas are extremely hazardous places to be in when this time comes. In the same context, Africa would present itself as the most stable continent based on the evolution of global landmasses.

Throughout history, Africa is the only continent which has shifted the least making it one of the most viable destinations for December 21 2012. The reason for the minimal shift is that Africa contains a relatively low number of volcanoes including fault lines.  However, it is important to keep in mind that the entire continent is not actually considered as safe grounds on December 21 2012.

This is because the characteristics of the continent are so diverse that some areas are more at risk than others.  For example, Cape Town in South Africa can be considered as a safe zone because of the low number of volcanoes and only a single nuclear reactor.  It is also ideally situated at 2.300 meters above sea level.

Other Safe Zones by December 21 2012

In all likelihood, one of the safest places to be in come December 21 2012 would be the mountains.  In this context, those found in the eastern portion of Australia would be a good place of refuge for people in the area.  It is expected that the height of the mountains will be able to withstand the onslaught of immense water that will engulf the country.  Reaching the right height may prove to be challenging for older citizens though.

Bolivia is another considerably safe zone for many people in that region.  Despite the possibility of vegetation experiencing unspeakable damage, the potentials for survival are comparatively high.  The same goes for Canada which is expected to be less affected by the impending pole shift. Keep in mind that regardless of the safe zone you will be in by December 21 2012, there are some adjustments in climate that must be done due to the numerous earthquakes and volcanic activities that are expected.

There is no doubt that everyone would want to be able to survive December 21 2012.  Hopefully, by looking at the potential safe zones, you will be able to evaluate which is the closest and most feasible for you and your family.  Regardless whether the threat of December 21 2012 is real or not, there is no harm in being prepared.

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