When Everyone Tells You about the End of the World in 2012

There are tons of movies today that would tell you the end is near. Others would associate natural calamities and other environmental tragedies as the sign for the end of the world in 2012. To be specific it was depicted in the movie that our world will end this December 21, 2012 and that is according to the Maya calendar.

Now, there are tons of speculations and theories about this and the rest might be true or not. It is pretty easy for us to believe what we hear and what we see but it is important that we also see to it are we being realistic? Many people over reacts when they hear stuff like these others would say they would rather die this year before the coming of the end of the world. Sometimes because of our unrealistic beliefs we set ourselves at the lowest understanding of some events.

Well, the question here is what if the world will end in 2012? Can you do anything about that? It is vital that you should remind yourself that you are not in control of this world. Events happen and that’s it. You cannot just stop living today because everyone tells you the world will end. It might be good that you go on living no matter what may happen this year 2012. Even the smartest people here on earth cannot predict if the next day we will be having some earthquakes or volcanic eruptions. Even weather forecasts fall short sometime. And even if you are in the advent of advanced technology, it does not mean that you can predict everything. There are so many things in this world that you cannot explain and understand at all. But bear in mind you are not here to understand everything, you only need to live our life and go on until your day ends.

It might be very funny at times that you tend to put yourself in a box just because you believe that year 2012 will be the end. There are so many individuals that would prefer not to go on with their dreams anymore because they would make unemployment as a sign for the end of the world. It is irrelevant and illogical at all to have this kind of reason that you end your so called dreams and ambitions because everyone tells you “hey, stop dreaming, anyway the world will end in  2012”. Well, if they believe that the world will really end this 2012 then respect what they believe but you on the other hand should be very careful as to what others may feed your mind.

Some would rather believe in mere horoscopes where let us say they tend to be not so factual about their predictions. You cannot just believe to those predictions immediately, you need to consult science also before you end up believing to stuff that might be nonsense. Just remember this when everyone tells you about the end of the world in 2012, then you might as well read websites that gives you facts not just mere predictions.

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