What Will You Do If the World Will Really End this Year?

The predicted 2012 Doom’s day has been a long-standing issue. It has been the cause of a lot of heavy and heated debates over the past years. In fact, riots and other scandals have already aroused because of this supposed end of the world. After some time, especially now that December 21, 2012 is already less than 8 months away, more and more people have already considered the idea that this prediction might not be true after all. But let’s be hypothetical about this, granting that it is, the question is: will you be ready?

What comes into your mind when you think of doom’s day? Maybe you have visions of a rain of fire, or waters rising as high as the tallest infrastructures in the metropolis. Others think of a quite end – like a sudden darkness where life forms slowly perish due to the absence of sunlight. Some others think of earthquakes, heavy rains and all sorts of calamities that are sure to push man and animals into a corner, desiring nothing else but food and water for their own survival.

Given that any of these things can occur, what “survival plans” do you have in mind? Some people thought about building an underground bunker, where they will hide for the entire year (as it is predicted that the “calamities” will only last for a year). They saved up all their finances and invested on these structures. Believe it or not, there is even an international organization that drives people from all over the world to “buy” space in the underground bunkers that they were supposed to build in the Himalayas. But of course, the elusive project did not reach its fruition because of the lack of finances and support from other people.

How about you? What have you prepared just in case things like these ever happen to you?  Well, it is my personal belief that if it is indeed the “real” doom’s day, then we will not be able to escape it. That maybe, the only consolation that we’ll ever get is the fact that all of us will die on that day and all of us will be facing judgement (that is, if you believe that there is a God who will judge us according to our conduct while we are still alive).

Having said that, I am convinced that the best preparation that we can do is to live in harmony with our friends and neighbours. Since we are so unsure of what is going to happen a few months from now, I suggest that you start living in the present time. What does that mean?

A lot of people nowadays are so busy preparing for the future that they forget to live today. Some people try to earn so much money, without even knowing if they will even reach an age when they will enjoy everything that they have earned. What’s worse is that in their pursuit for things that belong to the future (security in their job, a big house, lots of money to spend, a fancy car, etc.) they tend to miss the more important things which exist in their present-time.
Examples of such is their relationship with other people – their family and friends. Some parents are so busy looking for a way to provide for their children that they lose the time necessary to watch their children grow. This is not something that is new to us. Every day, we encounter situations wherein we would have to choose if we will sacrifice today for what is in store for tomorrow.
I am not saying that we should completely disregard our future; my simple point is that we do not really know what will happen in the future. While it is good if we keep our eyes fixed to a certain goal, we must never stop looking at what we currently have and enjoy it every once in a while.

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