What Makes the 12-21-2012 date in Mayan Calendar Special

You might have heard of the great Mayan End Age, 21 December 2012, through the movie 2012. In the movie, it was depicted that the Earth will experience another great flood, similar to that which Noah has conquered as narrated in the Holy Scriptures. If you are not very familiar with the Mayan Calendar, you will definitely find it very curious why people would even believe that the Apocalypse is already as close as 14 months from today. How can an ancient calendar define what will happen to this generation? But, to those who have studied the Mayan calendar, the end-of-days prediction is not very far-fetched after all.

To begin understanding why the calendar is significant, it is important that we start on assessing the value of the civilization that has created it. The Mayans reached the peak of their civilization between the 5th and 9th centuries [AD]. During this period, the Mayans are considered to be the most advanced in the fields of astronomy and mathematics; they are also very advanced thinkers, their contribution to the development of the global human consciousness is definitely indispensible.

The Mayan Calendar is believed to be an outline of a certain timeline, of which this generation still belongs to. It can be treated as a tool that helped the Mayans understand their past, their current situations and the future in store for their civilization. No other calendar in history talks so profoundly about the great heavens and the underworld than the Mayan calendar; it also talks about the great cosmic plan, detailing about how the things that belong to the future will unfold. While it is too difficult to prove that the predictions in the calendar are 100% accurate, those who have devoted their lives in studying the calendar can attest that it has the power to change a person’s perspective about life and the whole universe around him or her.

It can be deduced that the Mayan Calendar is made to serve as an eye-opener; a simple tool to make people more aware of the realities of existence, which most of the people have failed to see because of the many things that the materialistic world can offer. Whether it is true or not, those who believe in the Mayan calendar are convinced that everything has to be aligned to the great cosmic plan as outlined by the calendar and humanity has no other option but to align themselves to this plan.

No one can really say if the prediction is correct. But the truth is, whether it is true or not, what’s important is that we try to live our lives as if our last days are coming. Only then will we be able to look at the world unselfishly, something which the Mayans have continually believed into.

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