What Does the Ancient Chinese Book of Change Say About 2012?

Stories from long ago tell us that oracles have played an important role in the lives of people from generations to generations. In the ancient times, oracles are used to “see” the possible outcomes of wars and other political decisions.

Although technological advancements and increased scientific knowledge have somehow reduced our dependence and belief to such things, many people still use oracles and horoscopes as “guides” for their everyday life.

One of the most popular oracle books published in history is called the ‘I Ching’. It is a Chinese book written about 3000 years ago, since then, it has been known as the ancient “book of change”.

The oracle book makes use of lines as its basic unit for fortune telling. The line may be solid or broken, each having an independent meaning. The collective name for three lines is “trigram” and a trigram sitting on top of another trigram is called a hexagram. Trigrams may represent different elements like fire, water, wood, earth and so forth.

The “I Ching” predicts the future through the positions taken by the trigram. For example, a trigram for wood that sits on top of a trigram for water may mean good sea voyage. However, as more and more trigrams are involved, the more complicated the interpretation of the oracle is.

There are a total of 64 possible hexagram combinations in this ancient book of oracle. It is said that these combinations are enough to predict the circumstances that will befall mankind — from the nature of the circumstance, to the time that it will occur. Moreover, it is believed that the “I Ching” can predict the future of a person regardless of his or her origin or cultural background.

The results of the interpolations showed that there is an exact date for which the Earth will finally stop spinning around its axis. They are also able to deduce that despite the innate nature of the hexagrams and trigrams to produce random patterns, all of the “random” patterns seem to begin and end in the same place.

Using a computer program called “Timewave Zero”; these people are able to draw a behavioural graph of the patterns. Surprisingly, each curve in the graph corresponds to a significant event that has somehow affected the entire world.

The waves in the graph periodically decrease until it reaches a flat end point. And guess when this end point is — yes, it is somewhere in December 2012. The anthropologists who conducted this study claim that they have already obtained this result even before the Mayan 2012 Apocalypse has been publicize. For them, this coincidence could only mean one thing: that 2012 might really be the end of the world, after all.

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