What Do You Know About the 2012 Apocalypse?

Contrary to what most people came to believe, the Mayans never really claimed that the end of their calendar also signifies the end of the world. In fact, to the Mayans, the end of each “time cycle” only marks the unfolding of another “era” for mankind. For them, the end of the calendar only commences a change in the mindset of the people or the way people think about the entire universe.

So if this is the case, where did the supposed December 21, 2012 Apocalypse theory came from? Where did all the hype came from? The most probable culprit might be the 2012 movie from Hollywood that sort of depicted the end of the world through the “Mayan Perspective”.

The makers of the film actually made it appear that the Mayan calendar really says something about the end of the world as manifested by a series of natural calamities such as earthquakes and floods. The picture created by the movie made people inquisitive about the calendar. Soon enough, people starting asking about the Mayan calendar. And, some people made a lucrative business out of the hype.

Hundreds of websites appeared in the internet, all claiming to have the information that everybody needs in order to survive the end of the world. Some sold books and manuals; others established organizations that ask for money. All of these made some people rich and others, panicky.

But after years of waiting, more and more have become convinced that claim is nothing but a hype. So, they have abandoned the faith and started living their lives again. However, there are some who remain steadfast and until now, still hold on to their belief that the world will indeed end in 5 months time.

In short, the 2012 Apocalypse rose into popularity simply because of the people who wanted to inquire about it. In their intent to find out more, they are deceived into reading materials that would just validate their beliefs. It might have even caused them some of their properties or the trust of their family members.

It is but sad to finally realize how easily we get deceived by massive online propaganda. They easily succumb to what the “majority” wants us to believe only to find out in the end that we are wrong. This should have been a learning experience for all of us — that we should always test the information that we read online. If possible, cross refer your materials to the materials published in reputable websites and other sources.

Lastly, let us also  be wary of the things that could contribute to the deception of others . Now that you know how the claim originated, this might be the right time for you too to correct your misconceptions and encourage other people to find out the truth for themselves. In the end, even if the supposed Apocalypse is not true, what we should always keep in our hearts is that our lives are temporary and it can be taken away from us even without our consent. Having known this, we should always make use of it wisely.

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