The Threats of the 2012 Doom’s Day

 However, despite all these uncertainties, many people are still convinced that it will come. The string of natural disasters that the world has experienced so far (ice caps melt down, Japan Earthquake, Tsunamis and so much more) gave a lot of people a sense of affirmation that their beliefs are founded.

Granting that all these speculations are true, one last question remains standing: “if indeed it happens, do you already have an evacuation plan in mind?” Case in point, what is the sense of knowing that disaster will definitely occur at a precise date if you are not prepared anyway?

Well, to outline the perfect evacuation plan, the first thing that you will have to do is to evaluate the different threats that you will encounter. Let’s talk about the three threats here:

1. Threats by land

2. Threats by sea

3. Threats by space

Threats by Land

Scientifically speaking, those who live in communities resting on major fault lines are bound to have terrible problems. It is predicted that massive displacement of the Earth’s crust will happen and this movement will cause volcanoes to erupt resulting to continental drifting. This is the same thing that happened millions of years ago during the forming of the continents.

Threats by Sea

Experts have observed that the hurricanes that “normally” occur in the sea have become stronger over the past years. The change might have been caused by the rising of the sea level which is also a result of the melting of the ice caps in the North Pole. Whatever the reason is, this anomaly will definitely bring about bigger waves and worse, tsunamis.

Next, it is also observed that the circulation of the ocean currents has changed. The warm water that flows right through some portions of the world has been replaced by cold water. Experts do not know yet what this would bring forth, but one thing is for sure: something has change and this planet will definitely adjust to it. And us, who live in this planet, may not have the faculties to adjust to these changes right in time.

Threats by Space

If you remember your basic astronomical science way back in primary school, you should have remembered that the Dinosaurs are said to have been wiped out of the planet because of a meteor shower. The phenomenon resulted to the blockage of the sunlight for many months that killed most of the plants on Earth. Without the plants, the animals slowly died and when the sun finally rose, the Dinosaurs are already gone.

This is also expected to happen; that this planet will again experience a terrible meteor showers that can kill all the life forms in it. Well, another theory is that the sun will become too hot that its radiation will eventually kill the life forms on Earth. Whichever of these two “threats” will happen, they share the same end: that the life forms on Earth will cease to exist.

Having known of all these possibilities, you cannot draft your own evacuation plan. Consider the kinds of disasters that are most likely to occur in your locality. Better seek the help of your neighbours and your local government. It is always a good idea to include others in your plan so that you will have more finances and at the same time, gather enough sound suggestions that will make your endeavour a success.

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