The Apocalypse Prophecy For 2012 – Skeptic?

If you’re a 2012 skeptic that is very understandable. Any smart person would be. After all, it’s not the first doomsday theory you have heard is it? I will now discuss the apocalypse prophecy for 2012.

At first glance one might dismiss every doomsday theory without even researching it at all. This is understandable, considering there have been hundreds of doomsday theories in the past where obviously nothing happened. The most resent “doomsday theory” was the y2k theory. However, this was not really a doomsday theory. You probably know this, but y2k was about the fear of old computers malfunctioning because they were not programmed to handle dates beyond 1999.

The thing about December 21, 2012 is that there are multiple predictions for the end of the world which all revolve around this very date. That being said, many of these use this exact date only because of the Mayan Calendar ending that day. One example is Timewave Zero, which is a piece of software that predicts that time itself will stop on December 21, 2012. Originally Timewave Zero predicted the end of time sometime during November of 2012, but later the writer made some changes in his book The Invisible Landscape, where he wrote that the date predicted was exactly 21 December 2012.

There are many silly 2012 theories out there, like big giant aliens coming to earth on a burning planet, the earth being sucked into the black hole, a huge meteor colliding with the Earth, and many others. The thing is though, some of the 2012 predictions hold some truth.Are you prepared for an emergency? If you’re not sure where to start and feel daunted by the task, check out Damian Campbell’s comprehensive and easy to follow Sold Out After Crisis survival guides.

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