Is the World going to end 2012? Predictions about the 2012 Apocalypse


The movie 2012 has sparked fear in a lot of people, especially those who have seen it. While some people may think that this is just a film, there are other predictions made stating that the world is coming to an end in the year 2012.  The question: is the world going to end in [...]

The Truth About 2012


You probably know this, but there’s a bunch of theories regarding what’s going to happen in the year 2012, more specifically December 21, 2012. People’s opinions vary, and most dismiss it all, while people like you and me find interest in knowing the truth about 2012. What started all of this was the Mayan calendar, [...]

The Apocalypse Prophecy For 2012 – Skeptic?

If you’re a 2012 skeptic that is very understandable. Any smart person would be. After all, it’s not the first doomsday theory you have heard is it? I will now discuss the apocalypse prophecy for 2012. At first glance one might dismiss every doomsday theory without even researching it at all. This is understandable, considering [...]

How Can You Survive 2012 – Surviving 2012

Wondering how can you survive 2012? Surviving 2012 should be the only thing you are worried about. It is said that mankind will go through transformations that the government wont tell you about. To survive 2012 you must educate yourself about the secrets of 2012. It’s not easy to tell which 2012 secrets are true [...]

The 2012 prediction of Nostradamus

Nostradamus, a prophet who lived in the 16th century is given a lot of attention these days. Did he predict the end of the world? What did he predict for 2012? Lets find out what Nostradamus predicted. Before we can answer whether he predicted the end of the world in 2012 or not, we must realize [...]