The 2012 Bible Prophecy!


Tweet What the bible says about the end times is a debated topic among christians. The 2012 bible prophecy is the name many people use to describe the upcoming end times, because they use some of the many predictions for 2012 as reason for this being the case (along with the bible of course). In […]

Will The World End On 21St December 2012?


Tweet Will the world end on 21st December 2012? If not, what will happen? My intuition has always told me that date is the end of time, but not the end of the world. I did not have much more knowledge, but then read a very informative book called Maya Prophecy by Ronald L Bonewitz. […]

Aztec Calendar 2012 End Of The World


Tweet 2012 is not the end of the world even if we look at the Aztec calendar 2012, it is just part of a prediction that we will realize in the next decade that our civilization has entered a new stage in its evolution and we as individuals will see the world in a radically […]

The Apocalypse Prophecy For 2012 – Skeptic?

Tweet If you’re a 2012 skeptic that is very understandable. Any smart person would be. After all, it’s not the first doomsday theory you have heard is it? I will now discuss the apocalypse prophecy for 2012. At first glance one might dismiss every doomsday theory without even researching it at all. This is understandable, […]