Nostradamus 2012


Tweet Nostradamus is one of the most famous people who have predicted the apocalypse, which some say will happen in 2012. He has had many predictions about other events that have happened in history, such as the terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center and the prominence of Napoleon and Adolf Hitler in our history. […]

Few Important Facts about Predictions for 2012


Tweet What is so special about 2012? You might be wondering why people are nowadays discussing about this year in particular. Are you aware of the predictions for 2012? Most of the people are not concerned about the developments in the field of astronomy. It does not affect their life and they do not care […]

13 Moon Calendar – Mayan Calendar and 2012


Tweet The Maya calendar, also known as the 13 moon calendar, is an interesting piece of work both because of its complexity and because of its great accuracy. The Maya people have predicted many events in the past and the most discussed one is their prediction for 2012. So how does the calendar work and […]

2012 Help!


Tweet Being scared of 2012 is only natural considering all the frightening doomsday predictions for this year. No other date in history has had this kind factual backing. If you are seeking 2012 information and 2012 help, then read on. About 2 years ago I stumbled into the 2012 doomsday theories. At first I dismissed […]

2012: What Will The Future Bring?

Tweet There have been plenty of ideas bandied about in recent times over what will occur in 2012. But how do we know which to trust? There’s very little legitimate scientific evidence out there to tell us unequivocally what the truth is, so what do we really know? The most important thing to remember when […]

The 2012 prediction of Nostradamus

Tweet Nostradamus, a prophet who lived in the 16th century is given a lot of attention these days. Did he predict the end of the world? What did he predict for 2012? Lets find out what Nostradamus predicted. Before we can answer whether he predicted the end of the world in 2012 or not, we must […]