Where to Be On December 21 2012


The question of how to survive December 21 2012 should not begin with the things that you must take as you try to ride out the effects, but rather knowing where you must be when the fateful day comes. There is no doubt that food, clothing, shelter, and heating are some of the primary considerations [...]

The Six Myths about End of the World in 2012


When the movie 2012 conquered the Cinemas there were so many people who almost believed in it. Psychics and mystics even had their own interpretation of their visions and forecasts. The number of natural calamities and other uncontrolled happenings around us could be part of the End of the World in 2012. According to the [...]

2012 Survival Guide


2012 Survival Guide How to survive 2012 disaster? Find out the facts and tips and advice, free downloadable 2012 books, free 2012 videos, 2012 survival guide, things to know in 2012 and free facts on how to survive the 2012 disaster on http://www.2012Spam.com website. General thoughts about 2012 are as follows: 1] As we approach [...]

Will We Survive 2012?


Every major source of knowledge from Einstein to NASA, Worldwide religions,  Mayan cultures, Nostradamus, they all agree that in 2012 something HUGE will happen. I see it everywhere, 2012 Armageddon.  I can’t get through the line in the grocery store without a tabloid headline popping out at me.  A stroll through Barnes and Noble and [...]

The Truth About 2012


You probably know this, but there’s a bunch of theories regarding what’s going to happen in the year 2012, more specifically December 21, 2012. People’s opinions vary, and most dismiss it all, while people like you and me find interest in knowing the truth about 2012. What started all of this was the Mayan calendar, [...]

Will the Year 2012 Bring a Polar Shift?

Where are modern day scientists regarding the secrets of a polar shift? Is there any reality to the 2012 polar shift theories or are they just ancient Mayan mystical mumbo jumbo? The theory is a hypothesis that the axis of rotation of a planet has not always been at its present-day locations. Interpretation of tongues: [...]

12-21-2012 Theory Of Ascension Or Destruction – 12-21-2012 Theory – 21 12 2012

Ascension To A Higher Level Of Consciousness? 2012 is well on it’s way, at the time of this writing, we have approximately 1199 days until 12-21-2012, then we find out exactly what will happen. Will this be a time of destruction or a time of ascension. A current 12-21-2012 theory is that we be wiped [...]