Nibiru, 2012 And Annunaki!

Tweet You probably heard about the planet called Nibiru and the rumors about 2012 being the end of the world. So why do people believe in Nibiru? Who are the Annunaki? Let me answer the questions surrounding Nibiru, 2012, the Annunaki and what all the fuzz is about. It all started with a man named […]

2012 – Official Countdown To December 21 2012

Tweet 2012 – Official Countdown To December 21 2012 If you have just heard about 2012, you have a lot to learn. The 2012 phenomenon covers a huge amount of information on a wide variety of topics, which appear to be disconnected until you start studying them. The range of prophecies, predictions and situations that […]

The Year 2012 – Foretold Cataclysm Of 2012?


Tweet In one form or another, all religions and philosophies have taught about the ultimate destiny of man, society, and the cosmos as they do about the first things or origins. Many are bibical. The one receiving attention lately is the Mayan Long Count Calendar. It calculates the date of creation as August 11,3114 B.C. […]

Can We Survive 2012?

Tweet Can we survive 2012? With so much worry about climate change, world wars, and a possible apocalypse, 2012 has kind of gone under the radar. However, many believe that all of these things are connected, and that December 21, 2012, will be the day that everything reaches its peak, leading to a rash of […]