The Threats of the 2012 Doom’s Day


 However, despite all these uncertainties, many people are still convinced that it will come. The string of natural disasters that the world has experienced so far (ice caps melt down, Japan Earthquake, Tsunamis and so much more) gave a lot of people a sense of affirmation that their beliefs are founded. Granting that all these [...]

Is the World going to end 2012? Predictions about the 2012 Apocalypse


The movie 2012 has sparked fear in a lot of people, especially those who have seen it. While some people may think that this is just a film, there are other predictions made stating that the world is coming to an end in the year 2012.  The question: is the world going to end in [...]

The Six Myths about End of the World in 2012


When the movie 2012 conquered the Cinemas there were so many people who almost believed in it. Psychics and mystics even had their own interpretation of their visions and forecasts. The number of natural calamities and other uncontrolled happenings around us could be part of the End of the World in 2012. According to the [...]

Can We Survive 2012?

Can we survive 2012? With so much worry about climate change, world wars, and a possible apocalypse, 2012 has kind of gone under the radar. However, many believe that all of these things are connected, and that December 21, 2012, will be the day that everything reaches its peak, leading to a rash of catastrophic [...]

IHC 2012 – The End of the World – Is Hell Coming 2012?

With the Mayan calendar ending in 2012, a large group of people must deal with natural disasters such as volcanic eruptions, typhoons and glaciers. Well it has been long expected by many and now it’s finally here. Hollywood has jumped onto the 2012 subject in the form of Roland Emerich’s (think Day After Tomorrow) new [...]