Doom’s Day Hoax


Too few people even talk about the 2012 Doom’s Day, now it is supposedly four months away. People have finally gotten tired of speculating how the world is going to end and if humans will survive when it happens. Anyone who brings the topic back in online forums and discussion boards are bashed.  We have [...]

Doom’s Day is Coming


December 21, 2012 is roughly four months away and slowly, people are becoming more and more aware that there is a very big possibility that this supposed end of the world is nothing but a hoax. But let’s have some fun, let’s suppose that this end of the world is really about to happen. If [...]

What Do You Know About the 2012 Apocalypse?


Contrary to what most people came to believe, the Mayans never really claimed that the end of their calendar also signifies the end of the world. In fact, to the Mayans, the end of each “time cycle” only marks the unfolding of another “era” for mankind. For them, the end of the calendar only commences [...]

Thinking Twice About Doomsday

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As of today, every living person on earth can be classified into two groups: those who believe that there is no way this planet will face doomsday on December 21, 2012 and those who are doing everything they can to prepare for the end of the world which they truly and wholeheartedly believe will happen [...]

Seven Months before December 21, 2012


For some reason, somewhere deep in us, we all fear death. There are some people who claim that they are not afraid to die, but when they are in their death beds they are bound to desire an extension of their short life here on earth. This is precisely the reason why the idea of [...]

The Six Myths about End of the World in 2012


When the movie 2012 conquered the Cinemas there were so many people who almost believed in it. Psychics and mystics even had their own interpretation of their visions and forecasts. The number of natural calamities and other uncontrolled happenings around us could be part of the End of the World in 2012. According to the [...]

When Everyone Tells You about the End of the World in 2012

end of the world

There are tons of movies today that would tell you the end is near. Others would associate natural calamities and other environmental tragedies as the sign for the end of the world in 2012. To be specific it was depicted in the movie that our world will end this December 21, 2012 and that is [...]