Doom’s Day is Coming


Tweet December 21, 2012 is roughly four months away and slowly, people are becoming more and more aware that there is a very big possibility that this supposed end of the world is nothing but a hoax. But let’s have some fun, let’s suppose that this end of the world is really about to happen. […]

Why Can’t the Threats of the 2012 Doom’s Day Just Stop?


Tweet In a month’s time the “ber” months will start, and in no less than four months, it’s December. This thought might have been very scary some years ago, especially during the time when the December 21 Doom’s day was conjured. It is pretty well expected for such threats to simply die down in the […]

4 Best 2012 Survival Tips


Tweet Whether the predicted dooms day is a hoax or not, it is a fact that 21 December 2012 is only nine months away. Those who believe that the prediction is true are already very anxious in anticipation of the world-changing phenomenon to happen. But what is they are right? What if the world is […]

Odd Theories on How the World Will End in 2012


Tweet You should have heard of the Mayan theory referring to the December 21, 2012 doom’s day. But have you heard of the “Bee Death Theory”? Or the “Monetary Collapse Theory” and “Super Volcano Theory”? Read through this article to know more about these odd theories.   Bee Death Theory This is perhaps the oddest […]

World Will NOT End in 2012 — NASA Says So

World Will Not End in 2012, NASA says So

Tweet Fear. This is the only thing that the people from NASA would agree to be true regarding the supposed end of the world come 2012. They don’t believe that the ancient Mayan people have the ability to predict or see the future; they also don’t believe that continents would over speed and collide with each other causing massive flooding and damage of […]

Mayan Calendar 2012 – Does It Really Predict The End Of The World?


Tweet Will the world end in 2012? The Mayan Calendar 2012 says so. But there is still an ongoing debate about it. Some people say it is a big hoax. Some claim that it is true and we are all doomed. What to believe? Well maybe it’s time that you learn more about the Mayan […]