What Makes the 12-21-2012 date in Mayan Calendar Special?


Tweet You might have heard of the great Mayan End Age, 21 December 2012, through the movie 2012. In the movie, it was depicted that the Earth will experience another great flood, similar to that which Noah has conquered as narrated in the Holy Scriptures. If you are not very familiar with the Mayan Calendar, […]

2012, the End of the World and your Credit


Tweet On Dec 21, 2012 the world as we know it is going to come to an end.* Whether it will be total Armageddon or a major social upheaval or if it will be perpetrated by an inescapable natural event or will be the result of our own doing, no one knows. Regardless of the […]

2012, 1484 and Other Apocalypses: the Dynamics of Society

Tweet Since the Apocalypse failed to occur in 2000, there is a new end of the world being prophesied: December 21, 2012. Apparently, the ancient Mayan calendar “reset” itself on this date, the end of a “Great Cycle” (1). As this date corresponds to a significant astronomical event, the Sun crossing the Equator of the […]

2012 Official Countdown – December 2012 End of The World


Tweet For those of you who read the Bible, you may be familiar about the end of the world. The Bible points to a war of good and evil preceding the end of days. Christ’s followers will do battle with the legions of Satan. Whoever wins will seize the earth and all of its inhabitants. […]