Doom’s Day Hoax


Too few people even talk about the 2012 Doom’s Day, now it is supposedly four months away. People have finally gotten tired of speculating how the world is going to end and if humans will survive when it happens. Anyone who brings the topic back in online forums and discussion boards are bashed.  We have [...]

Doom’s Day is Coming


December 21, 2012 is roughly four months away and slowly, people are becoming more and more aware that there is a very big possibility that this supposed end of the world is nothing but a hoax. But let’s have some fun, let’s suppose that this end of the world is really about to happen. If [...]

Why Can’t the Threats of the 2012 Doom’s Day Just Stop?


In a month’s time the “ber” months will start, and in no less than four months, it’s December. This thought might have been very scary some years ago, especially during the time when the December 21 Doom’s day was conjured. It is pretty well expected for such threats to simply die down in the course [...]

Thinking Twice About Doomsday

2012 (1)

As of today, every living person on earth can be classified into two groups: those who believe that there is no way this planet will face doomsday on December 21, 2012 and those who are doing everything they can to prepare for the end of the world which they truly and wholeheartedly believe will happen [...]

Let’s Assume You are to Die in December


 Let’s play a simple game: let’s assume that you are going to die come December 2012. Scary? Of course not! For a couple of years now, many people have already imagined that the Mayans might have already known that the world will end a few months from today. So, assuming that they are correct and [...]

Seven Months before December 21, 2012


For some reason, somewhere deep in us, we all fear death. There are some people who claim that they are not afraid to die, but when they are in their death beds they are bound to desire an extension of their short life here on earth. This is precisely the reason why the idea of [...]

2012 Doom’s Day Reminds Us of Life and Death


Death is the only destination that is common to all mankind, no matter what his/her status in life is. No matter how rich or poor a person is, both in wealth and in love, he will end up buried where his/her flesh will decay and perish for all eternity. And yet, most of us do [...]

What Will You Do If the World Will Really End this Year?


The predicted 2012 Doom’s day has been a long-standing issue. It has been the cause of a lot of heavy and heated debates over the past years. In fact, riots and other scandals have already aroused because of this supposed end of the world. After some time, especially now that December 21, 2012 is already [...]

The Hopi People and the 2012 Doom’s Day


The Hopi people are believed to have a deep understanding of the energies that give life to this planet. It has been told that these people know just how the planet’s magnetic fields and all the other energies in it affect our lives and our future. These people are said to have a clear understanding [...]

Surviving 2012 the Godly Way


In a few months, we will finally know if the 21 December 2012 doom’s day prediction is indeed true. Many of the firm believers of the supposed Mayan prediction are actually very frantic nowadays – some have even started selling their properties so as to accumulate enough money to build doom’s day underground sanctuary. Well, [...]