Thinking Twice About Doomsday

2012 (1)

Tweet As of today, every living person on earth can be classified into two groups: those who believe that there is no way this planet will face doomsday on December 21, 2012 and those who are doing everything they can to prepare for the end of the world which they truly and wholeheartedly believe will […]

2012, the End of the World and your Credit


Tweet On Dec 21, 2012 the world as we know it is going to come to an end.* Whether it will be total Armageddon or a major social upheaval or if it will be perpetrated by an inescapable natural event or will be the result of our own doing, no one knows. Regardless of the […]

2012 Survival Guide


Tweet 2012 Survival Guide How to survive 2012 disaster? Find out the facts and tips and advice, free downloadable 2012 books, free 2012 videos, 2012 survival guide, things to know in 2012 and free facts on how to survive the 2012 disaster on website. General thoughts about 2012 are as follows: 1] As we […]

2012 The end?

Tweet Is 2012 THE END?Nobody really knows at this point. Many people are discussing 2012 as the end of the world due to interpretations of predictions contained in the Mayan calendar. The Mayan civilization was extremely advanced in mathematics, engineering and astronomy. They also had an incredible understanding of time and space. Various calendars were […]

Few Important Facts about Predictions for 2012


Tweet What is so special about 2012? You might be wondering why people are nowadays discussing about this year in particular. Are you aware of the predictions for 2012? Most of the people are not concerned about the developments in the field of astronomy. It does not affect their life and they do not care […]

World End Day 2012 21 december

Tweet The date December 21st, 2012 A.D. ( in the Long Count), represents an extremely close conjunction of the Winter Solstice Sun with the crossing point of the Galactic Equator (Equator of the Milky Way) and the Ecliptic (path of the Sun), what that ancient Maya recognized as the Sacred Tree. This is an event […]

Get Fit To Survive 2012 ? How To Prepare Your Body To Tough It Out

Tweet In a disaster or emergency it truly is the survival of the fittest, because people with stamina and physical toughness have the best chance to make it through. So here’s how you can prepare your body to survive the worst 2012 can throw at you. It takes a long time to develop the physical […]

The 2012 Bible Prophecy!


Tweet What the bible says about the end times is a debated topic among christians. The 2012 bible prophecy is the name many people use to describe the upcoming end times, because they use some of the many predictions for 2012 as reason for this being the case (along with the bible of course). In […]

Will The Mayan 2012 Calendar Come True

Tweet FREE Report Reveals The Secret Story Behind The Mayan 2012 Calendar And All December 2012 \”End Of The World\” Scenario\’s… And What You Can Do About It! Do you think the world will culminate soon? Well, this is the prediction that the Mayan 2012 Calendar tells about the future. So what is the 2012 […]

2012, 1484 and Other Apocalypses: the Dynamics of Society

Tweet Since the Apocalypse failed to occur in 2000, there is a new end of the world being prophesied: December 21, 2012. Apparently, the ancient Mayan calendar “reset” itself on this date, the end of a “Great Cycle” (1). As this date corresponds to a significant astronomical event, the Sun crossing the Equator of the […]