Surviving 2012 the Godly Way

In a few months, we will finally know if the 21 December 2012 doom’s day prediction is indeed true. Many of the firm believers of the supposed Mayan prediction are actually very frantic nowadays – some have even started selling their properties so as to accumulate enough money to build doom’s day underground sanctuary. Well, assuming that the world will definitely end 10 months from now, how do you think will you be able to survive it?

Let’s assume two things and take these things as facts. First, let’s assume that there is indeed a God and second, that the 2012 prediction is actually going to happen. With these two assumed facts in mind, these are the things which you can do to survive the catastrophe that’s yet to befall on man:

  1. Surrender Your Life to God

Surrender is often considered by many as a word that best describes the weak. However, with a much closer examination, you will be able to appreciate this word in a different light. It is not easy to surrender our life to God, especially if our faith is weak. Surrendering means to give up everything and to let Him control our lives.

Most people do not like the idea of having someone else directing them where to go and when to stop. It is too difficult to give up our personal desires and interest, our love ones and the things we love. However, if the world is about to end, what use is it to hold on to such things?

To survive the doom’s day, all you need to do is to acknowledge that there is a God who is able and willing to protect you from whatever calamity that this world is about to experience. Take into account Noah’s story.

If you are not familiar of Noah, he is the man who was commanded by God to build a gigantic ark in preparation for a flood that is to be caused by a massive rain. Imagine that at this time, the world has never experienced rain yet. Thus, in the eyes of those who have seen Noah obediently building the ark, he must have looked really stupid. But he continued and 40 years later, he finally finished.

What Noah showed is faith; he surrendered his life to God and never questioned Him. If you believe that there is a God, you should also do the same.

  1. Make Love Your Ultimate Goal

Assuming that you have already surrendered your life to God, the next sensible thing to do is to make love your ultimate goal. Remember that if the end of the world is near, you are also left with only a few more months to spend with the people you love.

Make up with the people who you have had arguments with; forgive and be forgiven. Let go of all the bondages that might inhibit you to live a full life come the end of the world. If you are to die on doom’s day, then it would be better if you face judgement without a guilty heart. If you are to survive, then it would be your chance to start a new life without the pains and guilt of your past.

Express your deep love to your parents, to your spouse and your children. Tell your friends how much you value them and thank the people who have met though your entire lifetime. At the end of the day, even if the 2012 doom’s day is a hoax, at least it gave you the opportunity to try to fix things up, someday somehow, you are going to die anyway.

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