Surviving 2012, Rules You Must Follow to Protect Your Family

Just picture this for a moment…It is now December 22nd 2012, the predictions have all come true and the world in in turmoil. You look back to 2010 and think “if only I had taken the precautions then maybe today my family and I would have coped better than we did.” If surviving 2012 is important to you then you must read on and follow some rules to protect your family.

Facing the unknown will not come easily to us and we have to let go of the traditional ways of protecting ourselves and think outside the box. A solid plan and quick reflexes will be required to survive the catastrophes we are told will occur.

If this all comes to pass one thing is for sure and that is a great shortage of food and water. This situation will make food far more precious than gold especially in a money-less society. If you prepared properly then you will have accumulated canned goods, rice and dry beans for best storage without power. Extreme heat or cold and many other factors could lead to starvation if you aren’t prepared.

There will be thousands who have not prepared properly so you will always have to be on your guard to remain in ownership of your survival supplies.

A solid plan is needed to survive these catastrophes and there are certain places that you don’t want to be. Here are a few suggestions for you to consider if these 2012 predictions come to pass:

The size of the community you live in The height of the surrounding buildings The ease of a swift evacuation. Will there be thousands all fleeing at the same time? Are there a lot of bridges in your area as they will collapse as fast as buildings. Mid sized or large cities are not the best places to be when you know disaster is coming. You and your survival supplies will be in grave danger when a catastrophe hits. Be prepared. Mass panic leads to chaos and the inability to leave quickly. The terrified populace will do anything to survive. Mob rule is prevalent in a catastrophe situation. People who have not prepared as well as you will instantly become your enemy. Martial law is highly possible during this time, which is never good. Crumbling buildings, traffic accidents, train derailments and more And so much more that cannot be included in this one article…

It is imperative that we protect our own during these horrific times in order for us to survive and carry on the human race. I know there are many skeptics out there and they think 2012 is hogwash and that is fine. We are all entitled to our opinions and mine tends to be that 2012 is real and we should be prepared. Please read as much information as you can on this owe it to yourself and your family.

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  1. Mary Allen says:

    I know the world is changing with the people and children killing other people and the earth is giving warning by the weather.

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