Seven Months before December 21, 2012

For some reason, somewhere deep in us, we all fear death. There are some people who claim that they are not afraid to die, but when they are in their death beds they are bound to desire an extension of their short life here on earth. This is precisely the reason why the idea of doom’s day happening too soon only has two effects on people, either it scares them or they find it ridiculous.

It’s been a couple of years now since the news about the predicted end of the world this year has erupted. Over the past years, people have come to believe of this prediction only to fall in disbelief as the days pass-by. Now that December 21, 2012 is barely seven months away, more and more people have been convinced that the supposed doom’s day is nothing but a hoax.

Many scholars also support the counterclaim against this prediction. For them, the end of the world will not happen anytime soon (although it is bound to happen many years from now). According to science, the end of this planet will occur when the sun “grows” and becomes too hot for this planet.

They also believe that the global warming happening on earth will also contribute to this end. It was foreseen that the heat will melt the ice caps on the top of earth. The melted ice will become water and will flood the oceans causing the sea level to rise up and submerge the coastlines, as well as the cities in it.

Others also believe that the end of the world will not happen due to natural calamities. They believe that it will be a result of bad political decisions. Some leaders will bring their nations into destruction – economic crisis, uncontrolled plagues and deadly wars. These things, which are nothing but a result of human behaviour, can happen anytime. However, many political scholars are also convinced that such gravity of political unrest will not happen this year.

So, if it is not due to natural calamities or to political unrest, what can be the cause of the predicted Mayan doom’s day? Well, many have gone to believe that the Mayan calendar which was supposed to have indicated the actual end of the world may not be indicating any end after all.

Others make fun of this fact and say that perhaps the Mayans did not make an extension of their calendar because they knew that they will not wake up to see those days anymore, so there is no point in putting the days beyond December 21, 2012 in their calendar.

And yet, some scholars remain steadfast in their dedication to the Mayan calendar. To them, the calendar may not state any doom’s day, but the date should have some significance, at the very least. They say that from the beginning of the calendar, each cycle has revealed a corresponding “change” in humanity. For each cycle, a specific change in “mind set” has occurred to the human race and they are sure that December 21, 2012 marks another change or “shift”.

Well, whatever the truth is, the only thing that we, ordinary people, can hold on to is the fact that if death is really impending, then we should be prepared. The same is true when we know that a natural calamity is about to happen or when a war is about to break out – we prepare ourselves.

Now, whether the end of the world is true or not, the best preparation that we can do is to make sure that we finish our businesses here on earth. Like how a famous line goes “You don’t have to die old, you just have to die finished”. Each of us knows what our unfinished businesses are, so each of us can act upon this on our own. We have seven months left, you know. Let’s start!

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