Odd Theories on How the World Will End in 2012

You should have heard of the Mayan theory referring to the December 21, 2012 doom’s day. But have you heard of the “Bee Death Theory”? Or the “Monetary Collapse Theory” and “Super Volcano Theory”? Read through this article to know more about these odd theories.


Bee Death Theory

This is perhaps the oddest theory yet formulated about the supposed end of the world this year. This is heavily hinged on Thomas Edison’s statement:

“As soon as the honey bees disappear, four years later, humans will be extinct.”

Theoretically, Edison is simply extending the implication of chain reaction. That is, every action will have a corresponding response. As in the case of the bees, any chaotic behaviour exhibited by the bees may be seen as a sign of their possible disappearance. And following the principle established by this great man, it is very likely that humans will follow suit.

In the past few years, it is observed that the number of bees in US and Europe are fast declining. Without their presence, crops will not pollinate effectively, resulting to massive damage in crop lands and other agricultural areas. In fact, it was found out that from 2006 to 2009, the number of bees in the wild have actually decreased by 36%! If this will continue, we will have economic problems due to the lack of food supply.

Well, is the Bee Death Theory true? There is a big possibility that it is a hoax. In fact, it is not logical to assume that the decline in their population can actually lead to any destruction close to human extinction. Edition’s statement may have been uttered with the intention of not being taken too literally.


Monetary Collapse or Economic Collapse Theory

This theory is mainly based on the predictions given by economists. These “experts” are convinced that the world’s economy will collapse. The collapse will lead to severe economic depression, resulting to the bankruptcy of a lot of business, the loss of a lot of jobs and of properties. According to this theory, employment rate will rise up tremendously.

With all the problems associated to economic instability, it is assumed that people will resort to crimes and other unlawful acts. Eventually, people will lose respect of each other and maybe end up killing each other, or stealing properties from each other.

The theory gained for supporters when the US government experienced economic depression. Europeans also started to adopt the idea when the European Union experienced economic problems due to the weak economies of some of their member-states.

Super Volcanic Eruption

It has already been established by science that the dinosaurs might have ceased to exist because of a very strong volcanic eruption that caused ash rain for months. Because the sun was hidden behind ash, many plant-life died and along with them are the dinosaurs which directly feed on them.

In theory, the volcano that erupted about 75000 years ago is called Mount Toba. If this mountain will ever explode again, about 65% of the all plant-life disappeared.

There are so many other theories about the end of the world come December 2012. Many people still remained to be sceptic about these theories. But, there are some who have actually invested huge amounts of money just to build underground safe zones.  Each person who wishes to have a place in any of the underground rooms must contribute at least $8,000 – which is in fact, a very large amount of money.

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