The Mayan Calendar 2012 Predictions

What does it have to do with the present? Is the calendar accurate? This and more questions are lingering in the minds of many, as the controversy goes on spreading like wild fire through different nations and causing other people to even panic and give away all of their possessions.

1) The Mayan civilization

The Mayan was a civilization that was ahead of their time. They were famous for their monumental art and architectures. Their cities were very distinctive, comprising of elaborate and intricate designs and were believed to be very complicated to build in their times. Buildings such as palaces, pyramids, temples, observatories, and ball courts all exhibited an elite show of skill and craftsmanship. These buildings showcased the Mayan civilization’s advancement in building and designing infrastructures.

They were also the first civilization who used limestone as finishing for their buildings. The buildings featured intricate drawings and sculptures of their history, belief, and their very own writing system. Their cities feastured huge stair cases that in their time was indeed very difficult to build. With very little help from draft animals their labor force was unprecedented. Carrying huge limestone bricks on their backs, the Mayans slowly gave rise to their huge pyramids and temples.

The Mayans were not only famous for their pyramids and cities; they were also renowned for their art and literature. Their sculptures were highly sophisticated and exhibited aesthetic and artisanal qualities. One of the most famous Mayan civilization artifacts is the Azul maya, or the Maya blue. It is a very beautiful turquoise blue color which was said to have survived the ages because of its chemical characteristics. They too have their own writing system that is classified as a logosyllabic writing system. This means that they would use phonetic symbols and logo grams as their alphabet.

2) The Mayan calendar

They were also famous for their mathematics and astronomy. It is said that they were one of the pioneers in astrology. Being great astrologers they have come up with the system of telling time by means of days and intervals. This system is also known as long count calendar. The theory is that by adding a value to the higher place value marker, one can delineate any length of time. And by observing what has happened in the past and on what date it has happened, they have predicted the auspicious and inauspicious dates wherein they can specify to what date and time it will occur again. Thus they are able to conduct ceremonies on auspicious days and observe counteract inauspicious days. With this, they also predicted what will happen in the future.

Now most people are baffled as to what the Mayan calendar means. People are speculating as to what will happen in Dec. 2012. According to the Mayan calendar, it is the time wherein a cataclysmic event will occur. More and more people believe that it is the day when the earth comes to an end. Based on the Mayan long count system, it will be the date when time expires. They now call it as point zero.

3) Mayan calendar predictions

Now this leaves room for speculation. Other people say that this is the time when the sun will move from its place and relocate itself in a certain position that will enable it to serve as a gateway. This said gateway should be the gateway between two worlds. The world of the souls and the material world will meet. They say that in this faithful day, the darkness will vanish and we will leave in peace and prosperity.

Another prediction is that this will be the end of the world, the end of human existence. Speculators say that this will be the day where earth faces destruction. There are so many predictions that are said to happen in 12-21-2012. One prediction claims the earth will collapse due to having collided with a black hole. Another prediction says that on this day we will experience the full effects of global warming, and all of the lands will be submerged in water and the Earth will experience another ice age just as scientists claimed that it has occurred a few millions of years ago. Others say that we will be struck by a meteor, while some say that there will be a huge earthquake and a mega tsunami.

There are also those who believe that it will be a positive change as opposed to what others have claimed. They said that it will be a time for spiritual transformation. It will be the day when good finally defeats evil. They say that people will undergo a deep spiritual transformation. People will start to turn away from their misdoing and change their ways.

Now here are two opposing views on this said event. Nothing is certain, no one really knows what the Mayans have predicted or what they saw. There is not even a clear view given as to why they Mayan calendar stopped on that date. One thing is clear, this ancient calendar, although old as it may seem, has resurrected itself in the midst of this modern world. It has caught the imagination of the people and caused them to panic, fear, jubilate, and wonder. With that, it truly is an amazing invention.

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