Few Important Facts about Predictions for 2012

What is so special about 2012? You might be wondering why people are nowadays discussing about this year in particular. Are you aware of the predictions for 2012? Most of the people are not concerned about the developments in the field of astronomy. It does not affect their life and they do not care about the news flashes presented by the astronomers. Well, the latest predictions for 2012 are that the world will come to an end in this year. You might be shocked reading this statement, but this is exactly what is derived from the Mayan calendar. On 21 December 2012, astronomers expect the life on this planet to come to a standstill. Even though technology has advanced, human beings are not yet capable of controlling the movements of the planets.

2012 Survival Guide

There are many reasons stated down to prove this fact. All the religious books have mentioned about this fact in their chapters. You can take the example of a Bible, where in the Book of Revelations; you can find phrases which quote this fact. It is also believed that on this date the Age of Aquarius will begin which is a new era for the planets in the solar system. Our earth is also affected and due to the changes in the cosmic activity, there can be floods or draughts which will wipe away human beings from the surface of earth. Predictions for 2012 were described 5000 years before in I-Ching prophecies. There is no questioning of the efficiency of this scripture as they have forecasted many great events in the history of world.

It is difficult for common man to digest the predictions for 2012 because no one expects their life to be so short. There are many sites present online which you can read through to know more developments on the predictions for 2012.

Predictions for 2012 have caused a wave of panic among the crowd. Everyone is eager to known the result of this forecast which will be obtained after few years of patient waiting.

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