Survival Guide 2012 2012 updates, survival guides, theories, Nostradamus and more. 2012-08-27T05:52:38Z WordPress Yang Muffins <![CDATA[Doom’s Day Hoax]]> 2012-08-27T05:52:38Z 2012-08-16T04:56:24Z Too few people even talk about the 2012 Doom’s Day, now it is supposedly four months away. People have finally gotten tired of speculating how the world is going to end and if humans will survive when it happens. Anyone who brings the topic back in online forums and discussion boards are bashed.  We have learned to live our daily lives without giving any thought to the Mayan Calendar. After years of dreading its fulfillment, December 21, 2012 has finally lost its significant.

What remains are the remnants of the threat. Try searching for any information about the 2012 Doom’s Day and you find abandoned websites which used to sell slots or rooms in a dungeon that’s supposed to be built to help people survive 2012. As the “legend” goes,  this planet will experience terrible inundation, earthquakes and other natural calamities for an entire year. According to those who thought about the dungeon, it is meant to keep humans alive and sustained no matter what happens outside.

Some of the proponents of constructing the said dungeon even suggested that they are to build the dungeon in the Himalayas, where it is very unlikely for flood to reach the supposed haven for humans. Some even thought about developing agriculture underground so as to provide sufficient nutrition and oxygen to those who will avail of their “survival package”.

The slot or room in this dungeon costs so much that one would probably need to sell all his properties just to afford it. Of course, the argument that they give is that our properties will still perish when the calamities strike, so according to them, why not lose it now and invest on our lives. To some people, especially during the time when the 2012 Doom’s Day has not been branded as a hoax, this actually sounded like a pretty good idea.

We have heard from the news of people selling their properties thinking that the world is really going to end. Some stupid advises also include maxing out credit cards, loaning money which you can’t possibly pay and overspending — all hedge on the idea that you will not be accountable to pay your debts anyway since the world is ending anytime soon.

Now all these paranoia has finally been washed out when people realize the unlikelihood of the phenomenon. The rejection of the Doom’s Day notion is even strengthened when some Mayan expects proclaimed that the Mayan Calendar does not predict any end after all but rather, a change in mindsets.

These expects suggest that each cycle in the Mayan Calendar corresponds to a development or change in the human civilization. They speculate that the world will not end on December 2012, but something that will re-shape the mentality of mankind might actually happen.

Science also made clear that there is no way that a natural calamity that strong or intensive will occur anytime soon. For the entire world to be affected, that calamity has to be very massive but studies show that the planet is behaving pretty naturally over the past decades. Theories about meteors crashing on the planet are also seen as absurb.

Given all these, I guess it is time for each and everyone of us to give rest to the issue. The world is probably not going to end on December after all. So you better start shopping early, you might need to give a lot of gifts this Christmas.

Yang Muffins <![CDATA[Doom’s Day is Coming]]> 2012-08-27T05:52:34Z 2012-08-09T15:14:37Z December 21, 2012 is roughly four months away and slowly, people are becoming more and more aware that there is a very big possibility that this supposed end of the world is nothing but a hoax. But let’s have some fun, let’s suppose that this end of the world is really about to happen. If indeed, the world is about to end in four months’ time, are you ready to face it? Do you have the slightest idea how you will be able to survive?

Indeed, surviving the doom’s day should be a whole lot more difficult than surviving a simple natural calamity. While we can always be prepare for an upcoming typhoon or be ready when an earthquake suddenly strikes, have you ever wondered if it is possible for us to bear if all these natural calamities occur at the same time. Will you be able to handle it when earthquake comes along with typhoon, tsunami and hailstorm?

Most of us already detest the thought of having to go through the troubles of surviving a simple calamity. We dread the idea of having to get all our sustenance from canned goods or from packs of noodles when a 3-day typhoon strikes; but have you ever thought of an entire year of doing so? The 2012 doom’s day is supposed to last for an entire year!

Maybe this is the reason why it is more convenient to dispense of the idea than to ever think that it is possible to happen. It is easier to live out the remaining four months of our lives thinking that we will all be safe and sound rather to worry about the many untold possibilities come December 21.

And yet, the thought of an Apocalypse slowly coming into our midst is still inviting. For example, after NASA launched “Curiosity”, the robotic Mars rover, many people thought that this might have something to do with us abandoning the Earth – you know, looking for another planet to inhabit.

Well, of the many things that we can speculate about, one thing is definite – we are all going to die anyway, maybe not this year but sooner or later, it will come. And, when that day comes, the question is: are you ready?

Most of us aren’t, just like a mother who has just been told that she only has four months to live because of her severe breast cancer. But if you are left with no option, what else can you do but accept the fact that you are going to die. All the things that you have worked so hard to gain will be left on Earth while your body will rot six feet below the ground.

Stripped of life, what is left of you? When you die, will your loved ones grieve or will they be happy that finally they can partition your estate and all the wealth that you have accumulated in your short stay on Earth? Well, the only person who can really answer that accurately is you.

Yang Muffins <![CDATA[Why Can’t the Threats of the 2012 Doom’s Day Just Stop?]]> 2012-08-03T06:39:12Z 2012-07-26T06:32:04Z In a month’s time the “ber” months will start, and in no less than four months, it’s December. This thought might have been very scary some years ago, especially during the time when the December 21 Doom’s day was conjured. It is pretty well expected for such threats to simply die down in the course of time, but not so with this one. Until now, some people are still confused if it is indeed but a hoax or a reality that we all have deal with.

Some people blame it to blog sites and other websites that continue to publish posts pertaining to the doom’s day. They say that the doom’s day is only made up by the people behind these blogs and sites just to forward their own selfish goals – huge traffic, more advertisements and of course, more income.

Some say that it is really because of the people themselves. We chose to believe something which is supposedly very hard to fathom. And yet, despite being too difficult to grasp, we chose to believe it and then feared it. It is as if we have just made our own ghosts to scare us.

These contentions might be true. It can be argued well that this fear never ceased to exist because some people just don’t want to give it a rest. When the issues die down, they would start a fire again and throw in more woods just to keep the fire alive.

Well, given that all these things have already been happening and that it is quite difficult to distinguish how or when this theory ever started, we better channel the interest that this doom’s day is getting into something more worthwhile.

For example, having people to think that they are to dies in a few months will make them re-assess their behaviour over the past few years. They are more likely to correct themselves in the hope that when the doom’s day comes, they will be “saved”.

Some might even react very positively; like say for example, a father who used to not have enough time to play with his kids will suddenly realize that time is so important and it should be spent on trying to get rich with money but in trying to get rich in love. Those who used to say they don’t have time to spend with their love ones will change priorities.

However, there will be some who will react differently. For example, it was a celebrated news some years ago when all members of a certain cult that believes in the 2012 Doom’s day sold all their properties to support their “mission” of telling the everyone that the world will end in 2012. Well, it turned out sour for them; years later, they found themselves with pockets empty and worse, no house or family to go home too.

Now, whatever you opinion about the 2012 doom’s day is, it hope that you have already found meaning as to why it became a phenomenon in the first place. Ask yourself what the news has done in your life and evaluate if those changes that you have experienced would have been possible have you not been threatened that you will die in a few month’s-time. Be the judge yourself.

Yang Muffins <![CDATA[What Do You Know About the 2012 Apocalypse?]]> 2012-07-08T22:03:41Z 2012-07-04T21:07:39Z Contrary to what most people came to believe, the Mayans never really claimed that the end of their calendar also signifies the end of the world. In fact, to the Mayans, the end of each “time cycle” only marks the unfolding of another “era” for mankind. For them, the end of the calendar only commences a change in the mindset of the people or the way people think about the entire universe.

So if this is the case, where did the supposed December 21, 2012 Apocalypse theory came from? Where did all the hype came from? The most probable culprit might be the 2012 movie from Hollywood that sort of depicted the end of the world through the “Mayan Perspective”.

The makers of the film actually made it appear that the Mayan calendar really says something about the end of the world as manifested by a series of natural calamities such as earthquakes and floods. The picture created by the movie made people inquisitive about the calendar. Soon enough, people starting asking about the Mayan calendar. And, some people made a lucrative business out of the hype.

Hundreds of websites appeared in the internet, all claiming to have the information that everybody needs in order to survive the end of the world. Some sold books and manuals; others established organizations that ask for money. All of these made some people rich and others, panicky.

But after years of waiting, more and more have become convinced that claim is nothing but a hype. So, they have abandoned the faith and started living their lives again. However, there are some who remain steadfast and until now, still hold on to their belief that the world will indeed end in 5 months time.

In short, the 2012 Apocalypse rose into popularity simply because of the people who wanted to inquire about it. In their intent to find out more, they are deceived into reading materials that would just validate their beliefs. It might have even caused them some of their properties or the trust of their family members.

It is but sad to finally realize how easily we get deceived by massive online propaganda. They easily succumb to what the “majority” wants us to believe only to find out in the end that we are wrong. This should have been a learning experience for all of us — that we should always test the information that we read online. If possible, cross refer your materials to the materials published in reputable websites and other sources.

Lastly, let us also  be wary of the things that could contribute to the deception of others . Now that you know how the claim originated, this might be the right time for you too to correct your misconceptions and encourage other people to find out the truth for themselves. In the end, even if the supposed Apocalypse is not true, what we should always keep in our hearts is that our lives are temporary and it can be taken away from us even without our consent. Having known this, we should always make use of it wisely.

Yang Muffins <![CDATA[Thinking Twice About Doomsday]]> 2012-07-02T08:45:14Z 2012-06-27T08:41:41Z As of today, every living person on earth can be classified into two groups: those who believe that there is no way this planet will face doomsday on December 21, 2012 and those who are doing everything they can to prepare for the end of the world which they truly and wholeheartedly believe will happen in a few months time. The latter group is growing smaller as each day pass-by; more and more believers start to think twice about the doomsday that they have been clamoring about for so many years. As the other group grow in number, the latter shrinks into a mere group of “insane” individuals.

Over the past few years, the supposed end of the world which will apparently happen in five months time have already caused so many heated debates and riots. It has been the subject of so many discussion; it has even been used as a plot in countless cartoons, comics strips and TV shows. Some groups have even started massive campaigns to invite others to support them in building underground dungeons that are meant to “protect” them once the Apocalypse takes place.

The 2012 doom’s day has become a familiar story — one whole year of unlivable condition, famine, diseases, plague and all other “scary” things that the human mind can conceive.  The speculations grew even stronger as the world faced difference natural calamities, take the ever destructive earthquake that happened in Japan two years ago as an example. However, as the supposed doom’s day approaches, it seems that many of those who used to be very passionate about their belief have resorted to living their lives again, now convinced that their fears are basedless.

NASA has even made a conscious effort to explain to the people how this prediction is completely out of context. Science has been so consistent in claiming that the end of this planet will definitely not happen some time soon. Political analysts also say that it will be unlikely that the doom’s day will be triggered by a world war. According to them, the superpowers do not yet have the incentive to launch a world war, at least not in the current year or in next year.

Today, the question on whether the 2012 doom’s day is real or not is already very laughable. Everybody have assumed that no sane person will ever believe that this end will most likely happen. Even those who claim that this Apocalyse is biblical are quieted by their leaders. If there is anyone who still assume the likelihood of this phenomenon, he/she must have definitely became a laughing stock among his/her peers.

This is how transient everything is; at one point, something can be regarded as a fact and many people will spend time and money just to support this alleged “fact”. But no one can really be so sure if this belief will be sustained until it comes to its fruition. This is not new to mankind. We are creatures who are easily swayed by trend and massive propaganda only to be dis-swayed some time in the future.

Now, if you are still thinking twice if the doom’s day is indeed true, I suggest that you do that alone and avoid thinking aloud. December 2012 is too close, and so many people are already waiting to prove you wrong.

Yang Muffins <![CDATA[Let’s Assume You are to Die in December]]> 2012-07-03T01:00:00Z 2012-06-20T08:47:14Z

 Let’s play a simple game: let’s assume that you are going to die come December 2012. Scary? Of course not! For a couple of years now, many people have already imagined that the Mayans might have already known that the world will end a few months from today. So, assuming that they are correct and we are really bound to die this December; let me ask you: what will you do?

If you have living your final months on this planet, what will you desire to accomplish? Think about the Cancer patients who were told by their doctors that they have nothing but a few months to live. Think of those who are sentenced to death. Or better yet, think about a little swine that is intended to be roasted in a few days’ time.

We are used to living life with the assumption that there’s always a “next time”. We procrastinate a lot and spend so much time idle simply because we have known that there is another day to live by. How wonderful would it be if we imagine that our life has a deadline and that this deadline is very proximate. We might avoid sleep because it can “waste” our precious time left.

Steve Jobs, the founder and former CEO of Apple, once said that the best way to achieve our full potential is to live as if today is our last day on earth. In his perspective, if today is his last day to ever work, he will give his best shot, his best ideas and the best of everything he has. If you do this every single day, then you have just become the best version of you and who knows, the best person in your company!

The same is true with family relations. Have you observed how death can somehow patch broken family ties? People do not like to “depart” this planet with some grudges or un-forgiveness left in their hearts. So, if we can only assume that we are to die today, then we might as well have the courage to fix our relationships and live a more peaceful life. We will have the best time with our family, friends and neighbours.

However, this is not really what’s happening now. In the past few years, people who have believed that the Mayan doom’s day is real did not resort to these things, instead, some of them simply sold their properties in the hope of getting some space in the supposed massive underground dungeon that will keep them alive for the entire 2012. Some even severed relationships in the sole desire of surviving the said catastrophe.

How about you? What will you do? Let’s assume that you are indeed to die in December. If you have just been informed today, what will be your initial reaction and what will you do first? As for me, I will call my Mother and then book a plane ticket back home. I will spend enough time with family, then after that, I will try to conquer the world. :)

Yang Muffins <![CDATA[Seven Months before December 21, 2012]]> 2012-05-22T09:16:40Z 2012-05-18T09:12:45Z For some reason, somewhere deep in us, we all fear death. There are some people who claim that they are not afraid to die, but when they are in their death beds they are bound to desire an extension of their short life here on earth. This is precisely the reason why the idea of doom’s day happening too soon only has two effects on people, either it scares them or they find it ridiculous.

It’s been a couple of years now since the news about the predicted end of the world this year has erupted. Over the past years, people have come to believe of this prediction only to fall in disbelief as the days pass-by. Now that December 21, 2012 is barely seven months away, more and more people have been convinced that the supposed doom’s day is nothing but a hoax.

Many scholars also support the counterclaim against this prediction. For them, the end of the world will not happen anytime soon (although it is bound to happen many years from now). According to science, the end of this planet will occur when the sun “grows” and becomes too hot for this planet.

They also believe that the global warming happening on earth will also contribute to this end. It was foreseen that the heat will melt the ice caps on the top of earth. The melted ice will become water and will flood the oceans causing the sea level to rise up and submerge the coastlines, as well as the cities in it.

Others also believe that the end of the world will not happen due to natural calamities. They believe that it will be a result of bad political decisions. Some leaders will bring their nations into destruction – economic crisis, uncontrolled plagues and deadly wars. These things, which are nothing but a result of human behaviour, can happen anytime. However, many political scholars are also convinced that such gravity of political unrest will not happen this year.

So, if it is not due to natural calamities or to political unrest, what can be the cause of the predicted Mayan doom’s day? Well, many have gone to believe that the Mayan calendar which was supposed to have indicated the actual end of the world may not be indicating any end after all.

Others make fun of this fact and say that perhaps the Mayans did not make an extension of their calendar because they knew that they will not wake up to see those days anymore, so there is no point in putting the days beyond December 21, 2012 in their calendar.

And yet, some scholars remain steadfast in their dedication to the Mayan calendar. To them, the calendar may not state any doom’s day, but the date should have some significance, at the very least. They say that from the beginning of the calendar, each cycle has revealed a corresponding “change” in humanity. For each cycle, a specific change in “mind set” has occurred to the human race and they are sure that December 21, 2012 marks another change or “shift”.

Well, whatever the truth is, the only thing that we, ordinary people, can hold on to is the fact that if death is really impending, then we should be prepared. The same is true when we know that a natural calamity is about to happen or when a war is about to break out – we prepare ourselves.

Now, whether the end of the world is true or not, the best preparation that we can do is to make sure that we finish our businesses here on earth. Like how a famous line goes “You don’t have to die old, you just have to die finished”. Each of us knows what our unfinished businesses are, so each of us can act upon this on our own. We have seven months left, you know. Let’s start!

Yang Muffins <![CDATA[2012 Doom’s Day Reminds Us of Life and Death]]> 2012-05-08T06:09:06Z 2012-04-30T05:55:05Z
Death is the only destination that is common to all mankind, no matter what his/her status in life is. No matter how rich or poor a person is, both in wealth and in love, he will end up buried where his/her flesh will decay and perish for all eternity. And yet, most of us do not really understand what this evident truth means. There are some who live their lives as if they are in any way better than the rest; some oppress while other abuse – forgetting that in the end, we are all to face death and whatever it is that lies beyond that.

Assuming that the world will indeed end on December 21, 2012 just as how some “philosophers” thought it would and given that we are all to die on that fateful day, what do you think will happen next? Some can argue that life ends with death and that there is nothing beyond that; others, those who believe in the resurrection would insist that we are all going to face judgement and we will be judged according to our deeds while we are still alive.

If we are to believe that there is nothing beyond this life that we live, then surely, there is no need to worry about anything else once we have died. This means that all the troubles that we have been through while we live are meaningless; that dying young or dying old does not have any difference at all and that living a good life or living one that is decadent does not make one person different from the rest.

But what if, just what if, it is true that we will face judgement once we die – do you think your cards will favour you? If each and every deed you have done while you are still alive is to be judged, will you be judged worthy of eternal life or will you be sent to burn in eternal fire? What if, this is the truth? What if. Are you confident that you will not suffer in hell for all eternity?

This has nothing to do with religion. Pure analytical thinking will lead you to be cautious and prudent. Given that you don’t know what exactly is the truth and that being wrong in the “kind of truth” that you would believe while you are still alive can cause you eternal suffering, the prudent will definitely take some precaution.

I do believe that nothing that happens to us in this world happens by mere accident, everything happens for a purpose. If you would come to think of it, the “predicted” end of the world that is to happen seven months from today is nothing but a simple reminder that our life here on earth is limited and that there are things that we don’t know about life, especially of the things that lie beyond it.

Sure enough, the world might not end this year and it may not end during your lifetime. But don’t you feel lucky that in your lifetime, there came a phenomenon that helped you contemplate about your life and its purpose?

I know some people who are changed by life-threatening accidents. Prior to the accidents, they led a very worldly life – drug addiction, promiscuity and other decadent practices. And yet, after they had their accidents, they came to their senses and realized how precious life is to be wasted on things which are so insignificant. This could be the reason too, why we are given the predicted doom’s day. So that maybe, we will come to our senses and realize that we are not living our lives the right way; that there is a better way to live this life.

I don’t know about you, but when I first heard about the 2012 doom’s day, the first thing that came into my mind is how limited my life is. That there are so many things that I would have wanted to do, which I might not be able to do anymore because the world is going to end so soon. This is a very good reminder to all of us that we should always give value to each day that we live.

Yang Muffins <![CDATA[What Will You Do If the World Will Really End this Year?]]> 2012-04-26T01:53:00Z 2012-04-12T01:48:08Z

The predicted 2012 Doom’s day has been a long-standing issue. It has been the cause of a lot of heavy and heated debates over the past years. In fact, riots and other scandals have already aroused because of this supposed end of the world. After some time, especially now that December 21, 2012 is already less than 8 months away, more and more people have already considered the idea that this prediction might not be true after all. But let’s be hypothetical about this, granting that it is, the question is: will you be ready?

What comes into your mind when you think of doom’s day? Maybe you have visions of a rain of fire, or waters rising as high as the tallest infrastructures in the metropolis. Others think of a quite end – like a sudden darkness where life forms slowly perish due to the absence of sunlight. Some others think of earthquakes, heavy rains and all sorts of calamities that are sure to push man and animals into a corner, desiring nothing else but food and water for their own survival.

Given that any of these things can occur, what “survival plans” do you have in mind? Some people thought about building an underground bunker, where they will hide for the entire year (as it is predicted that the “calamities” will only last for a year). They saved up all their finances and invested on these structures. Believe it or not, there is even an international organization that drives people from all over the world to “buy” space in the underground bunkers that they were supposed to build in the Himalayas. But of course, the elusive project did not reach its fruition because of the lack of finances and support from other people.

How about you? What have you prepared just in case things like these ever happen to you?  Well, it is my personal belief that if it is indeed the “real” doom’s day, then we will not be able to escape it. That maybe, the only consolation that we’ll ever get is the fact that all of us will die on that day and all of us will be facing judgement (that is, if you believe that there is a God who will judge us according to our conduct while we are still alive).

Having said that, I am convinced that the best preparation that we can do is to live in harmony with our friends and neighbours. Since we are so unsure of what is going to happen a few months from now, I suggest that you start living in the present time. What does that mean?

A lot of people nowadays are so busy preparing for the future that they forget to live today. Some people try to earn so much money, without even knowing if they will even reach an age when they will enjoy everything that they have earned. What’s worse is that in their pursuit for things that belong to the future (security in their job, a big house, lots of money to spend, a fancy car, etc.) they tend to miss the more important things which exist in their present-time.
Examples of such is their relationship with other people – their family and friends. Some parents are so busy looking for a way to provide for their children that they lose the time necessary to watch their children grow. This is not something that is new to us. Every day, we encounter situations wherein we would have to choose if we will sacrifice today for what is in store for tomorrow.
I am not saying that we should completely disregard our future; my simple point is that we do not really know what will happen in the future. While it is good if we keep our eyes fixed to a certain goal, we must never stop looking at what we currently have and enjoy it every once in a while.

Yang Muffins <![CDATA[The Threats of the 2012 Doom’s Day]]> 2012-04-11T07:22:58Z 2012-04-05T04:47:55Z

 However, despite all these uncertainties, many people are still convinced that it will come. The string of natural disasters that the world has experienced so far (ice caps melt down, Japan Earthquake, Tsunamis and so much more) gave a lot of people a sense of affirmation that their beliefs are founded.

Granting that all these speculations are true, one last question remains standing: “if indeed it happens, do you already have an evacuation plan in mind?” Case in point, what is the sense of knowing that disaster will definitely occur at a precise date if you are not prepared anyway?

Well, to outline the perfect evacuation plan, the first thing that you will have to do is to evaluate the different threats that you will encounter. Let’s talk about the three threats here:

1. Threats by land

2. Threats by sea

3. Threats by space

Threats by Land

Scientifically speaking, those who live in communities resting on major fault lines are bound to have terrible problems. It is predicted that massive displacement of the Earth’s crust will happen and this movement will cause volcanoes to erupt resulting to continental drifting. This is the same thing that happened millions of years ago during the forming of the continents.

Threats by Sea

Experts have observed that the hurricanes that “normally” occur in the sea have become stronger over the past years. The change might have been caused by the rising of the sea level which is also a result of the melting of the ice caps in the North Pole. Whatever the reason is, this anomaly will definitely bring about bigger waves and worse, tsunamis.

Next, it is also observed that the circulation of the ocean currents has changed. The warm water that flows right through some portions of the world has been replaced by cold water. Experts do not know yet what this would bring forth, but one thing is for sure: something has change and this planet will definitely adjust to it. And us, who live in this planet, may not have the faculties to adjust to these changes right in time.

Threats by Space

If you remember your basic astronomical science way back in primary school, you should have remembered that the Dinosaurs are said to have been wiped out of the planet because of a meteor shower. The phenomenon resulted to the blockage of the sunlight for many months that killed most of the plants on Earth. Without the plants, the animals slowly died and when the sun finally rose, the Dinosaurs are already gone.

This is also expected to happen; that this planet will again experience a terrible meteor showers that can kill all the life forms in it. Well, another theory is that the sun will become too hot that its radiation will eventually kill the life forms on Earth. Whichever of these two “threats” will happen, they share the same end: that the life forms on Earth will cease to exist.

Having known of all these possibilities, you cannot draft your own evacuation plan. Consider the kinds of disasters that are most likely to occur in your locality. Better seek the help of your neighbours and your local government. It is always a good idea to include others in your plan so that you will have more finances and at the same time, gather enough sound suggestions that will make your endeavour a success.