Doom’s Day Hoax

Too few people even talk about the 2012 Doom’s Day, now it is supposedly four months away. People have finally gotten tired of speculating how the world is going to end and if humans will survive when it happens. Anyone who brings the topic back in online forums and discussion boards are bashed.  We have learned to live our daily lives without giving any thought to the Mayan Calendar. After years of dreading its fulfillment, December 21, 2012 has finally lost its significant.

What remains are the remnants of the threat. Try searching for any information about the 2012 Doom’s Day and you find abandoned websites which used to sell slots or rooms in a dungeon that’s supposed to be built to help people survive 2012. As the “legend” goes,  this planet will experience terrible inundation, earthquakes and other natural calamities for an entire year. According to those who thought about the dungeon, it is meant to keep humans alive and sustained no matter what happens outside.

Some of the proponents of constructing the said dungeon even suggested that they are to build the dungeon in the Himalayas, where it is very unlikely for flood to reach the supposed haven for humans. Some even thought about developing agriculture underground so as to provide sufficient nutrition and oxygen to those who will avail of their “survival package”.

The slot or room in this dungeon costs so much that one would probably need to sell all his properties just to afford it. Of course, the argument that they give is that our properties will still perish when the calamities strike, so according to them, why not lose it now and invest on our lives. To some people, especially during the time when the 2012 Doom’s Day has not been branded as a hoax, this actually sounded like a pretty good idea.

We have heard from the news of people selling their properties thinking that the world is really going to end. Some stupid advises also include maxing out credit cards, loaning money which you can’t possibly pay and overspending — all hedge on the idea that you will not be accountable to pay your debts anyway since the world is ending anytime soon.

Now all these paranoia has finally been washed out when people realize the unlikelihood of the phenomenon. The rejection of the Doom’s Day notion is even strengthened when some Mayan expects proclaimed that the Mayan Calendar does not predict any end after all but rather, a change in mindsets.

These expects suggest that each cycle in the Mayan Calendar corresponds to a development or change in the human civilization. They speculate that the world will not end on December 2012, but something that will re-shape the mentality of mankind might actually happen.

Science also made clear that there is no way that a natural calamity that strong or intensive will occur anytime soon. For the entire world to be affected, that calamity has to be very massive but studies show that the planet is behaving pretty naturally over the past decades. Theories about meteors crashing on the planet are also seen as absurb.

Given all these, I guess it is time for each and everyone of us to give rest to the issue. The world is probably not going to end on December after all. So you better start shopping early, you might need to give a lot of gifts this Christmas.

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