Can You Escape the 2012 Doomsday?

Those who believe that December 21, 2012 marks the end of this world are definitely not excited about the upcoming New Year’s Eve. It’s not going to be like any new year; no kissing at midnight and no fireworks when the clock strikes 12 midnight. Instead, they will hide out of fear as they imagine how hard it would be like when the dreaded doomsday arrives.

But is this fright really founded? Many people have started to panic buy and sell properties thinking that the end is roughly 12 months away from today. Some are convinced to invest their wealth to building a safety dungeon which will serve as their secured hiding place when the calamities come.

It is believed that the end of the world will commenced through a rain of fire coupled with very strong earthquakes. Others believe that it will be a long period of drought which will kill all plant-life on earth. If these speculations are true, then indeed building a safety dungeon full of provisions would seem like a wise option. But what if the end of the world will happen because of a huge flood? A flood similar to that which has drowned everything on earth except Noah’s family and the select animals inside his ark? Surely, a dungeon will not be able to withstand flood, not unless it is completely waterproof.

Of course, if the dungeon is constructed to be waterproof it will also be oxygen-proof, which means that the dwellers of the dungeon will have to secure a stable oxygen source. If it is true that the famine caused by the calamities will last for a whole year, then the dwellers of the dungeon will not be able to get enough oxygen to survive underground.

There are those who have suggested that such dungeons be built on very high grounds, like in the Himalayas for example. However, such endeavour will cost billions of dollars to complete not to mention the long period required to finish the entire construction.

Some groups have devoted themselves to convincing people to invest on this project in exchange of an assured space inside the gigantic Himalayan dungeon. To date, such groups have claimed to have accumulated sufficient money to start the construction. However, with only 12 months left, would they be able to finish such an elusive project?

Obviously, there are no feasible ways to escape destruction if indeed it will happen. While the realities of the 2012 doomsdays are still uncertain, it is best for us to simply live our lives not minding about this possibility.

The problem with those who believe that this doomsday is for real is that they stopped living their lives; instead, they focus so much on trying to prepare for an end that is not even sure. If this end is meant to be real, then perhaps the best preparation that we can all do is to live a good life; to be a better mother or father, brother or sister to our family and neighbors.

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