Can UAE Survive 2012

2012 is a movie ideated from an interesting ancient prophecy. According to a calendar created by a pre-Columbian civilization, the sun is proposed to align with the Milky Way on December 21st, 2012, causing a shift in the poles of the earth… signaling the end of the world. The movie 2012 will be releasing in UAE on the 12th of November 09. To win free movie tickets, register yourself at:

Although the plot may sound complex, the movie is really easy to understand. Take the example of ‘Noah and The Ark’. Noah builds the ark to save the people of his time from a massive flood. Ultimately, not all of them are saved. 2012 was also inspired by this little story as well.

Monstrous tidal waves, rumbling earthquakes… you name it. Every natural disaster is included in this movie. When the director (Roland Emmerich) was interview by MTV about the one big scene in the movie, he answered, ‘I think we have several — honest to God, there’s not one scene. When we talked to people who saw it, everyone has a different favorite. But my favorite one is the L.A. destruction sequence; I’m so proud of how real it looks’.

I’m sure UAE will survive 2012. So here’s a chance for you to decide which movies will survive and inspire future generations post 2012. Vote for your favourite works of film, music, art and literature along with the entire global community at Don’t miss this grand opportunity… See you there.

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