Can the Weak Live Through 2012?

The “end” that is about to come this December 2012 may not be new to you. You might have overheard it from a conversation between two quirky men in your favourite coffee shop, or maybe, it was CNN or BCC that broke the news to you. Of course, too few of those who live their entire lives in a world of technologies and modernity would actually believe of the 2012 disaster right after they hear about it.

Many would easily dismiss it as a myth, similar to the Y2K propaganda that happened before the clock struck 12 midnight of December 31, 1999. People have been expecting planes to crash and nuclear facilities to melt down, simply because the computers that operate them can no longer process the date 01/01/00. Of course, this has been easily corrected by technology professionals; and, in an instant, the fear of the world crashing down became a seemingly humorous act.

But what makes the December 2012 doom’s day different from any of the end-of-the-world predictions that we had in the past? For one, this prediction is not based on some random flaw which this current generation has found in our tech systems; this prediction is not even from a single person or a single sect. December 2012 doom’s day is based on the most celebrated calendar in ancient history – the Mayan Calendar.

Those who have studied the calendar say that it transcends beyond being just a simple date scale. It is even more accurate to say that the calendar “recorded” what has happened even before the Mayan civilization existed and its records continued to outline the days which are yet to come, even after the Mayan civilization has been wiped out. The experts have been successful in comparing the significant events outlined in the calendar to the events which happened to mankind and this is the reason why they are so sure that the last date recorded in the calendar, 21 December 2012, should mean something big.

Of course, the “end” of the calendar may not be bookmark by which defines where mankind will cease to exist. But, many are certain that it marks a drastic “change” for humankind –  a change of ideals or perspective, perhaps. A change that will necessarily alter the way we think and look at the universe that we know today. Pretty much exciting right? But some people are just so afraid that this change may also correspond to having all the weaker creatures (including the weaker human races) to die away.

Well, you can cast down all your fears and leave everything to fate. But if you want to be proactive about it, you can actually prepare yourself for that great “change”. If you think that you are weak, why not devote all your remaining vacant time to build your stamina and your muscles? The more important thing is that you act upon what you think is necessarily for you to survive. Some people also say that building your own underground vault will be extremely helpful – if the “end” will constitute earthquakes, raining of fireballs or worse, chaotic and fierce humans stealing and killing for food. With that said, it would be great if you will be able to save up enough food to last for at least one year or until the end of 2012.  Stock up foodstuffs which do not require preparations and preservations such as canned and dried goods.

No one can really say if the end in 21 December 2012 is true or not. But we can be sure about one thing, it is always better to be prepared and ready – whatever the reality is.

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