Bucket List before the 2012 Doom’s Day

Try to put yourself inside the shoes of someone who is about to die two months from now, what would you do? Those who are a little weak in spirit might just want to make the death faster or whine the entire two months, complaining why they are in the situation where they are in. However, if you are the other type, someone who sees each new day as an opportunity that will never again pass-by, you will be more inclined to make your very own Bucket List.

The Bucket List includes all the things that you would have wanted to do or experience before you “hit the bucket” (that means before your die). Have you seen the movie “Bucket List”? That’s exactly what the characters in the film were doing – they tried bungee jumping, sky diving, this, that and so many more. The rationale behind this is to “crash course” all the things that you could have done in an entire lifetime in the remaining time you are left with, two months.

This is almost similar to those who believe that 21 December 2012 is Doom’s Day. It’s the same with someone who knows that he or she is about to die in the next few months. If this is you, what will you do? Of course, you can panic for the entire month, complain why you live in this generation and do other useless stuff. But the better thing to do is maximize your time and do that stuff which you might not be able to do anymore because you became unlucky when midnight of 20 December 2012 struck.

So what makes a good Bucket List before December 2012? Well, if I am in your place, I would want to do the following:

  1. Clear out conscience

This is not rocket science; all that you need to do is to think of the things that you have done in the life and make a list of the people who you have hurt or who might have hurt you. For those you have hurt, find them and sincerely apologize to them; for those who have hurt you, find the heart to forgive them. Conscience clearing is the best way to keep your mind focus on the things that you want to do next. It will keep your mind peaceful, especially if you are not the existentialist type of a person (because for sure, you will be thinking about your life after 21 December 2012).

  1. Give away what is unnecessary

The main reason why we hold on the anything “sentimental” to us is the thought that maybe one day, when we walk down memory lane; those stuffs will help us remember the past more vividly. While this is a fairly reasonable, this becomes illogical when you know that you will not make it that long to need the memorabilia. Do not hold on to old clothes, books, toys, appliances and other stuff which you no longer need. There are those who might need those things for their own survival too, not just for the 21 December 2012 event, but for their everyday life too.

  1. Spend more time with family and loved ones

This should have been number 1 in my list, but then, I realized that if I keep this in the last (knowing that I only have 3 in my list), I will be able to devote more time fulfilling this than the rest. The thing is, we often forget how valuable our family and love ones are, especially when we are stressed (of course 2012 Doom’s Day is a very stressful thought). Whatever you do, make sure that you will be able to give maximum time to your family and love ones.

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