4 Best 2012 Survival Tips

Whether the predicted dooms day is a hoax or not, it is a fact that 21 December 2012 is only nine months away. Those who believe that the prediction is true are already very anxious in anticipation of the world-changing phenomenon to happen. But what is they are right? What if the world is indeed going to end in nine months’ time? Are you ready? Do you think you can survive?

Granting that there is a grain of truth about this prediction, there are a lot of things that you can do to ensure your survival. Here are some tips how:

Survival Tip No. 1 – Stock up supplies

Just like surviving a natural calamity or a war, it is important that you and your household have enough food, water and other necessities already stocked up for your consumption. Since it has been predicted that the 2012 phenomenon will last for an entire year, it may be useful if you will be able to store good that can last for a year. This means that you are supposed to store up non-perishable food. It is also advisable to store food that does not require preparation. For example, it is better to stock up easy-to-open canned goods rather than food stuffs that need to be cooked.

Be sure to check on the expiration dates of the food that you store. It would be useless to store food that is not consumable. However, although water does not perish, storing water in containers over long periods of time can also affect its taste. If possible, you might want to build indoor water well or pump so that you can have water supply all throughout the incubation year.

Survival Tip No. 2 – Prepare your mind

More devastating than the actual damages done by calamities and war is the effect of the incident to the minds of those who have experienced them. This is the reason why those who have just survived war or other life-threatening events have to undergo de-briefing — they have to recondition their minds so as to avoid any traumas in the future. However, this process can be done ahead of time. If the calamity, in this case the predicted end of the world in 2012, is already expected to happen, we can actually condition our minds to prepare ourselves for the future happenings. Mental preparation does not only protect our minds from traumas but it also helps us look deeper into the situation and think wisely as to how we can avoid future harms.

Survival Tip No. 3 – Stay calm

This tip is subsequent to tip no. 1, if you have prepared your mind, it would be easier for you to stay calm. There’s no point in panicking, as this can only push you to do crazy stuffs. Keep your sanity intact in order to think clearly as to how you are going to get through the situation. This is especially helpful if you have other people under your care. These people might not be able to think soundly as to what they have to do, it is your responsibility to be strong and sane for them.

Survival Tip No. 4 – Stay indoors on 21 December 2012

The point is, if there is anything that will happen on this day, you will be safer if you are under your own roof — where you supplies and your family are. If you have anything scheduled on this day, better leave it off for some other time, anyway, if the end of the world will not happen on this day, you still have your entire lifetime ahead of you. During this day, make sure that your children, parents and siblings are also with you. This is a more practical approach rather than panicking over their situation if you can’t see them.

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