21 December 2012 is Doom’s Day: Are the Mayans Reliable?

If you are not too familiar with the Mayan civilization, you might find it too difficult to understand why some people put their confidence on whatever it is that the Mayans say would happen to the world starting the 21st of December 2012. The Mayans did not really predict that it would be the end of the world, what they have said is that it will be the milestone of a significant change. To make it simple, the Mayans only assumed that people would start to view the things around them differently – very different from how they look at the universe where they live in today.

To some people, this means death; but to some it simply means “change”. But whatever it is, the Mayans would be right – something will happen on this date. But, are the Mayans really reliable? How can a civilization like that fall into the harms of conquerors and disappear on the face of the earth centuries ago? If they can predict and “see” what will happen in the future, why aren’t they able to defend themselves and saved their civilization from meeting its end?

Those who believe of the credence of the Mayans say that the Mayans did not evade extinction simply because they know it has to happen. Those child-sacrificing priests and priestesses should have realized that if they try to change or alter what is meant to happen, then they too will be exposing themselves and the rest of mankind to more danger.  Those who are devoted Mayan researchers continue to contend that the Mayans are more of the intellectual type than of the warrior type, the same reason why they were unprepared when their conquerors attacked them. Nonetheless, this does not discredit the Mayans of their participation in developing what we know about mathematics, science and the universe today.

Moreover, experts trust the Mayans and the calendar which they have made because of the many instances when the things outlined in the calendar actually made sense. Of course, these experts would only realize how the puzzles fit into each other after the “event” has already taken place. Thus, for so long, the Maya calendar wasn’t really used for predicting incidents that might happen in the future. For some time, the experts who studied the calendar only compared their findings to what is currently happening around them.

But the case of 21 December 2012 is different. The date was specific and for all we know, this is the last entry in the Mayan Calendar. The calendar was not “unfinished” too as others might have guessed because it was completed decades before the civilization was wiped out. The makers of the calendar intended it to end on the date given above. So we ask why they would do that. We really can’t give an accurate answer too. But what we do know is that they are telling us that something will happen on that date and that we have to be prepared for it.

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