2012 – Official Countdown To December 21 2012

If you have just heard about 2012, you have a lot to learn. The 2012 phenomenon covers a huge amount of information on a wide variety of topics, which appear to be disconnected until you start studying them. The range of prophecies, predictions and situations that have something to do with 2012 include ancient history, astronomy, global cultures, catastrophes and space age technology.

You may have heard some of the Nostradamus prophecy is predicting a great comet to strike Earth when the end of days arrives. Nostradamus seems to have foretold many of the world events surrounding war, dictators and catastrophic disasters both natural and inflicted by man. There are also quatrains written by the ancient seer that tell of water turning to blood and thousands of people dying from disease, fire and war. Which prophecy contains Nostradamus 2012 predictions? Several have been said to be in agreement with Mayan prophecy.

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The Mayans are a fascinating people whose culture originates in ancient Guatemala. They are said to be descendents of the Olmecs who arrived here as survivors of the destruction of Atlantis. Regardless of what people the first Mayans descended from, their knowledge of mathematics, astronomy, astrology and time keeping calendars is beyond amazing. The Mayan calendar known as the Long Count is the main source for the date that leads you to want to learn more about 2012. But there are other ancient cultures who have had calendars and knowledge this 2012 end of our age scenario.

From the ancient Sumerians of Babylon, we learn that a planet Niribu is due to return in 2012. NASA says that Nibiru is a hoax, the creation of some lunatic fringe people. There are some astronomy scientists who have reported a mysterious planet being sensed out past Pluto that is referred to as Planet X. Some people are convinced that Planet X was identified with the discovery of the new dwarf planet named Eros. Despite the arguments of those who study our solar system and the universe, the scholars of ancient Sumerian texts and culture say that Nibiru is real, and will return to our solar system as it is prophesied in the original cuneiform tablets left us by the people of Sumer.

No matter who wants to debunk Planet X or Nibiru, there is something of great size causing Pluto to behave erratically. Additionally, an unknown heavenly body of massive proportions has been caught behind the rising sun in photos from around the world. Is it the long awaited missing planet the Sumerian records warn of? Somehow waiting for an affirmative identification makes no sense, once you start really learning the interwoven predictions and prophecies about 2012.

There are those who have alerted us to the possibility of a polar shift or polar reversal in regards to the natural disasters many see as part of the 2012 phenomenon. You certainly can’t say that Earth is not changing. We have a huge increase in earthquakes and tsunamis mixed in with the alarming global warming situation. It appears that global warming is only the fault of the activities of man in a small percentage. It isn’t just the Earth that is heating up. Every planet in our solar system is experiencing a marked rise in planetary temperatures. The major cause is coming from the universe, a force that humans have no control over at all. In fact, events in the universe are causing far more undesirable changes on our planet than just global warming.

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Once you have connected the events of the solar system and the universe into the mix of things to make 2012 the phenomenon that it is, aliens and UFO activity presents you with more that you need to know. Some people are emphatic that alien sightings and abductions are something that happens only to the mentally unstable. If this were true, then Japan’s new First Lady would hardly be publicly reporting her trip to Venus in a UFO as part of her experiences during an alien abduction. The number of UFO sightings has grown to a frantic pace over the past few years. Alien abduction reports that have been proven to be factual through psychological testing are also on the rise.

There are those who have made connections between alien and UFO activities being intertwined with the events leading to and through the year 2012. There are figurines and ancient drawings featuring aliens from cultures that lived long ago around the world, including the Sumerians. There are also many instances that UFO crafts appear in fine art and religious buildings around the world.

Learning about 2012 is fascinating and alarming at once. There is no one who wants the world to end, or hopes for humanity to suffer natural catastrophes of proportions man has never known. No one knows for sure what will happen in 2012. Knowing what you should be prepared for if these predicted and prophesied events begin to take place makes far more sense than saying this is all just a bunch of crazy talk. This is huge. To say that nothing at all will happen and do absolutely nothing to learn everything about 2012, could be the biggest mistake you’ll ever make.

John D.

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