2012 -End Of The World?

With all the false information about the 2012 doomsday By 2012 is fast approaching I make sure you have many articles about the events of possible end of the world this year somewhere in the December 21, the end of the Mayan calendar was read, and then announce the beginning of the end.

But recently, astronomers have discovered a white dwarf, can be explosive, perhaps, the reason is, with increasing mass in a reproduction rate, and thus to destroy all life on Earth.

The imminent explosion will be a huge dose of radiation, enough to make life on this planet Earth, which will destroy the astronomers also found was published that the star is much closer to Earth than previously thought.

The star system in question is the T Pyxidis, yes, one can say where? “But it’s just the name for the binary system, providing the star, the system is actually two stars, one of the system is given almost the same as our own Sun.Thus star like the sun is responsible for the feeding gas into the white dwarf, causing a nuclear explosion, astronomers say size or “nova”.

Obviously these Nova explosions occur almost 20yrs known as recordings far as 1890, and 1967, but not much notice was taken, which may indicate that the T Pyxidis even 20yrs late for his next big explosion.

If the white dwarf is exploding explosion equal the equivalent of twenty billion, billion, billion megatons of TNT and would result in an instantaneous gravitational collapse.

The most important question for the people of the earth is, is the white dwarf is increasing (ie) increase in mass, because the gas is replaced, or is it the constant explosions, falling to the mass of stars .

Astronomers from the United States from Villanova University in Philadelphia, took their lessons from the International Explorer satellite ultraviolet, and they say that they prove that the white dwarf can be seen an increasing astronomically, and only 3260 light years away , a stone is thrown into a slot located in distances from Earth.

So says the explosion of such magnitude will have quite provide enough radiation to destroy the ozone layer of earth, so we have the Sun damaging ultraviolet radiation exposure.

But not always start hidden in your rays still protected, according to British astronomical Association, they say the stars soon could be a supernova, but can be removed many years, we hope that the right .Are you prepared for an emergency? If you’re not sure where to start and feel daunted by the task, check out Damian Campbell’s comprehensive and easy to follow Sold Out After Crisis survival guides.

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